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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a session?

In each session, you will be free to talk about whatever is troubling you and I will listen to you extremely carefully. I will obtain as full an understanding of your problems and situation as I possibly can, and I will ask questions that are therapeutically designed to enhance your thinking, emotional awareness, behaviour and ways of relating to others.

During each session we will also examine what is happening in the here and now, using your experiences and reactions to generate insight and change.

How long will I have to be in counselling?

The overall length of time depends upon the nature, severity and extent of your problems and the issues we are addressing, and is also determined by how long you want to take and the changes you want to make. Some people achieve the results they want in just a few weeks, others may take significantly longer. It is important that we go at the pace that suits you. We would discuss the expected length of therapy during our initial session, and we would quickly develop a strong sense as to whether we feel a short term or longer term approach is best.

How much will it cost?

Individuals 40 per 1 hour session
Couples 45 per 1 hour session

What do I do now?

You can contact me directly by e-mail or by telephoning me. Through this first contact I would get some idea of the difficulty you are experiencing and make an initial appointment if you decide to.

What happens next?

At our initial session we will discuss what you would hope to achieve from the sessions, my task is to listen and let you know if your aim is within my competence. If I think I am unable to help you, then I will aim to refer you to another professional without charging you.

How am I safeguarded?

As a member of the professional body of the ITA, (Institute of Transactional Analysis) I am bound by their Code of Ethics which is published on their website. I also abide by the guidelines for good practice outlined in the Ethical Framework of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).
I undertake regular supervision of my work ensuring that each client is carefully considered, however you, the client are never identified.

I hold Professional Indemnity Insurance. What is discussed in a session remains confidential between me and you. The only exceptions to this are if you are involved in serious illegal activity, or there is a danger of you damaging yourself or someone else.

How does your therapy differ from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT?

CBT as its name implies is concerned with changing a persons thinking and behaviour. In the therapy that I offer I have an holistic approach in which thinking, feeling, emotions, behaviour are all attended to. Where appropriate CBT approaches are used but wI am not limited by these. In addition, many people who seek therapy have relationship issues which I believe can only be resolved by working in a relationship with a therapist.


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